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Articles on Adapting Communications to and Interacting With the Audience

An important factor in the success of speakers and leaders is taking into account the composition of the audience you are delivering to or group you are organizing. Off-target communications serve to make you as the center of attention that much less effective. To view articles covering this general topic, click on an article title which will cause it to display in the box beneath the article list.

 Communicating Across Cultures

 Talking To International Audiences

 Speaking Globally

 The Gender Gap In Presentations

 Speaking To An All-Woman Audience

 Who's Your Audience?

 Size Up Your Audience

 Audience Analysis From Experts

 Reading Listeners Nonverbal Signals

 Why Johnny Can't Read Nonverbal Cues

 Sounding Good in English

 International Business Etiquette

 Any Questions? - Question & Answer Sessions

 Navigating Question & Answer Session Pitfalls

 Question and Answer Techniques

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