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Most speakers aspire to develop the ability to infuse light-hearted humor, as appropriate, into various forms of public speaking, be it a storytelling-style speech, a TV interview, a technical presentation, or another speaker's introduction. For this is a key tool in capturing and anchoring an audience's attention,... but not an ability coming naturally to most people. To view articles covering this general topic, click on an article title which will cause it to display in the box beneath the article list.

 It's Funny How Humor Works

 Humor 101

 Mastering the Laugh

 Humor to the Rescue

 Getting Comfy with Comedy

 How to Add Humor to Any Speech

 Comic Timing - The Pause That Refreshes

 How To Tell Jokes

 Sweating Out Stand-Up Comedy

 Moving From Toxic to Nourishing Humor

 Acceptable Humor: The Mark of a Professional

 How to Tell Tall Tales

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