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Leadership Communications Action Planner

What is the vision of your organization? (Where are you going?)

What is the mission of your organization? (How will you get there?)

What is the leadership communications goal of your organization? (How will communications support the vision and mission?)

What is the communications climate within your organization? (Are people receptive to messages from their leaders?) Using interviews, focus groups, and surveys, you must discover the following:

  • How well leaders communicate

  • How well followers understand what the leaders communicate

  • How employees perceive senior leadership and the organization as a whole

  • The organizational understanding of vision, mission, and values

  • Any roadblocks to leadership communications (e.g., postmerger integration, a new management team, declining performance levels, or low morale)

What are your leadership communications strategies? (How will you use communications to support organizational aims?)

What are your leadership communications objectives? (What do you want people to know?)

Select and target your audiences appropriately. Looking at the following table, consider the audiences you will select for your next key leadership message.

  • Will everyone receive the same message?

  • Will you set up an advance briefing for key influencers?

  • How will you adjust the content?

  • What outcomes do you expect from each audience?

It is important to use all available channels to communicate key messages. Use this table to help you think of your key stakeholder.






Hourly employees


Management employees


Senior management










Use the following questions to assess the impact of communication:

  • Which media channel aroused the most interest?

  • How did leadership communications change employees' perceptions of the significant issues?

  • How have the communications improved the level of trust between leader and employees?

What is the impact of your leadership communications plan? Measure results according to the following criteria:

  • Who received the message?

  • When did they receive it?

  • How did they receive it (channel and medium)?

  • What did they think of it (reaction)?

  • What action did they take as a result of receiving the message?

  • What behavioral changes resulted from the message?

Once your leadership communications plan is complete, what benefits will it deliver?

Use the following table as a monthly media planner to develop your next leadership communications initiative.

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Table of Contents, Communication Secrets Resources Page
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