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Ad Lib Your Way Out Of Tight Spots

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You're giving a speech when something unexpectedly goes wrong. The lights fall, the mike won't work, you forget what you're saying.

So there you stand - heart pounding, forehead damp - trying to think of something to say that will get a laugh, relieve the tension, and get yourself back on track.

It's times like these that make you wish you were a master of those snappy, off-the-cuff remarks that just roll off the tongues of top performers like David Letterman, Jay Leno and Robin Williams. But you can be! Quite often those witty ad libs are not as spontaneous as they seem. Comedians prepare for these situations by memorizing lines called "savers" which they use as needed.

Here are 20 savers you can use when things go wrong with your speeches or presentations:

A well-timed remark, even one that is not hilariously funny, will almost always get a big laugh because it helps ease tension. Most audiences have empathy for the speaker and are pulling for you to do a good job. When something goes wrong, they share your anxiety. When you handle it, they feel relieved.

Memorize these savers, use them when the need arises, and enjoy a growing reputation as a great ad libber.

By Roger_Longley

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