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Things That Scare Us The Most

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Here's a Top 10 list as compiled by the Gallup Poll, chronicling Americans' most common fears. So, next time your heart starts pounding when you think of the inconsequential, like financial ruin, remember there are plenty of other scarier things out there.

Fear No. 10: Water

Why it's scary: You can drown.

Fear No. 9: Storms

Why they're scary: Lightning. And you can drown.

Fear No. 8: Public transportation

Why it's scary: Planes, trains, buses - watch the news

Fear No. 7: Crowds

Why they're scary: The pushing, the trampling, the mob mentality

Fear No. 6: Tunnels and bridges

Why they're scary: Fear of collapse

Fear No. 5: Spiders

Why they're scary: Just plain creepy

Fear No. 4: Heights

Why they're scary: You can fall.

Fear No. 3: Confined spaces

Why they're scary: Coffin complex, we presume.

Fear No. 2: Snakes

Why they're scary: Just plain creepy - and slithery

Fear No. 1: Public speaking

Why it's scary: Is this thing on?

Hint, and Doubly Pointed Hint: What should you be doing about Fear No. 1?

(Source: Gallup Organization)

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