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A - Absenteeism

I finally got my head together, when my body fell apart!

Absenteeism costs everyone. It increases your organization's costs since temporary staff might need to be hired or your colleagues might need to work overtime. It reduces your customer service, since fill-in workers are less effective. And it aggravates fellow employees, who are often called upon to pick up the slack. A great attendance record will speak volumes to your employer about your commitment to the organization.

Make every effort to get to work. Your absence disrupts the services you provide and causes stress for your peers, who will need to cover for you.

  1. There are times when you should not go to work. These include the times when

    • you are sick with something that may infect other people, thereby exacerbating the problem;

    • your state of health requires that you be under medication, which could cause an accident.

  2. If you need to be away, call in early so that your associates can deal with the shortage as quickly as possible.

  3. Take care of your health, and you will miss work much less often. Here are some tips that will contribute to your well-being:

    • Think wellness. Be positive. Be optimistic. Your mind will enhance your immunity to illness.

    • Exercise regularly. Don't do things you hate to do - they will be short-lived. Do things you enjoy, such as skating, walking around a mall - anything that improves your heart rate. Then, as you get fit, increase the rate and frequency of exercising without putting pressure on yourself. Make exercise your choice - walk up stairs, walk to the store. You'll feel better mentally and physically.

    • Drink lots of water. Water will purify the body and help you feel less inclined to eat.

    • Have fun. Plan to do things that make you laugh and smile. These feelings wipe away the stress normally associated with the daily routines we experience at work.

    • Take frequent stretch breaks. At tea/coffee breaks and at lunch, stretch your body. You will feel increased energy.

    • Improve your nutrition intake. People say you are what you eat. While you never want to give up those foods that give you pleasure, you should think about cutting down on red meats and fatty foods. Eat more fruit and vegetables. You will feel and look better as a result. Also, eat more frequently, so you don't have that starving feeling that might cause you to binge.

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