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V - Vision - Establishing Your Own

It is fashionable for organizations to be guided by a vision, usually that of the CEO. Why? Well, it provides a direction, clarity of purpose, and focus for actions. The same should apply to you personally. However, your personal vision would be even more motivation because you created it. You own it, so it will motivate your actions and drive you to success. Here's how you can create your own vision:

  1. Get some crayons - multi-coloured Crayola crayons are wonderful - then get a clean sheet of paper. Next, imagine yourself as a child of perhaps three or four. Imagine through that child's eyes what you will look like when you are most successful. Draw that picture and do it quickly. Do not think too much - adult behaviour will inhibit your creativity. Let your hand and the crayons do the talking.

  2. Stop after three to four minutes. You don't need to compete with Rembrandt!

  3. Reflect on your picture. What key themes do you see? A sun for optimism? A mountain for climbing to achievement? A big house or money to depict success?

  4. Write, in one or two sentences, clear thoughts on what you aspire to be.

  5. Remember your vision, the Super Me. Use it to drive you, motivate you, and change your behaviour. When in difficulty, imagine how the Super Me would handle the situation.

  6. On a daily basis, begin to act the Super Me. Behaving as if you are already successful will make you feel good and appear exceptional to those around you.

  7. Make a list of obstacles that are preventing you from achieving the Super Me. Eliminate items you cannot control. Divide the remaining items into short- (one year), medium- (two to five years), and long-term projects (five+ years). Forget the long-term items - they are too distant. Focus on the short-term items. Space them out so that you don't drown in trying to do them all at once.

  8. Post your current short-term goal where you can see it every day. Perhaps put a Post-It Note on your bathroom mirror. When it has been achieved, celebrate by treating yourself to something special. Then post the next goal. Remember: "The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

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