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Inner leaders engage in specific behaviors. The following activities may be useful to both individual leaders to gain experience and comfort in creating meaning for work community members.

Activity 1: How-Tos for Creating Work-Community Meaning

Instructions. Steal some quiet time by yourself. Imagine your work community at a time in the future being "the best it can be." What would be true about it?

  1. Record your thoughts. Listed below are some considerations.


    levels of achievement

    team contributions

    leadership and employee development

    diverse talents that contributed to success

    recognition received

    obstacles overcome

    partners and alliances created

    customer satisfaction

    revenue, market-share, growth levels

    best practices and innovations

    risks that paid off

    changes made

    teamwork that strengthened the community

    flexibility to respond to change

    span of influence

    symbols of success

  2. The next step is to shape your thoughts into a message or a few thoughtfully crafted statements that will help you share your vision of the future with others and enlist them in it.

Activity 2: Creating a Vision Story

Instructions. Throughout history stories have been a most effective means of communicating. A vision story can serve as an innovative way to communicate a work community's vision and values, so that everyone is included and can see his or her part. To try it, you will have to tap into your creative talent.

  • Pick a person, an event, a problem, a happening from the past experiences of your work community.

  • Write a story about that person, event, or problem that reflects not only what happened but the way the values, purposes, and ideal processes of your work community helped shape the result. Include in the story descriptions of the risks, struggles, achievements, and rewards encountered along the way to completion of the event or solution of the problem.

  • Give the story a title.

  • Share it with everyone in your work community.

  • Publish it in your work team and elsewhere as appropriate.

  • Talk about it often.

  • Reevaluate it occasionally.

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Table of Contents, Inner Leadership Resources Page
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