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What Charm Can Do

Charm is captivating. Just as the petals of a flower unfold and open to the warmth and light of the sun, so do we unfold and open to the enchantment of charm. Charm acts as the Great Attractor, drawing us toward its magnetic source.


Those who have charm usually get listened to and often get extra chances. They are given opportunities others may never get. They can be forgiven for things others would be crucified for. They will be told things that others may never hear. People make excuses for them, go out of their way for them, and always give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's face it, you probably know someone who has reached you in a very compelling and profound fashion. If so, you've been on the receiving end of someone's charm offensive.

Feeling Like a Million

At some time or another, we've all met someone who has the talent to sweep you away with their charm. They seemed to truly like you. They valued your opinion. They devoted all of their attention to you and nobody else. When they were with you, no one but you existed for them, no matter who else was around. They made you feel as though you were the most fascinating and important person they'd ever met. You totally suspended critical judgment for the pleasure of their company. Do you remember how wonderful you felt? I bet you felt like a million.

Think what power there is in being able to make somebody feel wonderful about himself. It's unlimited! Great political leaders nurture it, successful business people cultivate it, and famous entertainers exploit it. Nearly everyone who deals with people can benefit from charm, and anyone wanting to climb the ladder to success should develop it.

Anytime? Anywhere?

What if you were able to create that special feeling for others anytime, anywhere? How valuable do you think that gift might be in your personal life and your business world? Absolutely priceless, believe me. When you have the power to make people feel special, the rewards are usually close behind.

Your Tools for Charming Others

Decide today that you are going to develop the potential of charm and practice it in your relationships with others. This decision will open you to all the things you can do to make other people feel wonderful about themselves.

Measure your current "charm quotient." Give yourself a grade from one to ten on how charming you believe you are already, with ten being "excellent." Then ask someone you know to grade you as well. Whatever number that person assigns to you is the true measure.

Now you are ready to begin transforming yourself into a genuinely and powerfully charming person.

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Table of Contents, Win Anyone Over With Charm Resources Page
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