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  1. Inner leaders are enthusiasts. They encourage, buoy up, and cheer their followers.

  2. Inner leaders engage in activities that honor the person and the potential of coworkers.

  3. Inner leaders believe that simple recognition is a reward sought by many employees.

  4. Money is not necessarily motivating because many see it as a "right," whereas recognition is a "gift."

  5. People want to feel that what they do makes a difference, and recognition can give them this feeling.

  6. Celebrations mark employee activity in going beyond the call of duty.

  7. Rewards given at recognition celebrations are often simple fun and are related to the actual interests of the people involved.

  8. Inner leaders encourage, enthuse, and inspire employees and others to perform the work community's business in ways and for results these leaders set.

  9. As inner leaders direct their enthusiasm to some worker behaviors instead of others, they can inculcate their work and personal values in coworkers.

  10. Part of the inner leader's role is that of passionate booster of the work community, its mission, its services, and its people.

  11. Cheerleading can be defined as any personal action inner leaders take to encourage and enthuse others to attain the work community's vision purposes.

  12. A celebration is a technique inner leader use to honor excellent—or at least, unusual—performance.

  13. Celebrations dramatize the leader's commitment to people and to the work community.

  14. It is often the fun aspects of a celebration that make recognition a positive experience.

  15. Inner leaders cannot dispense monetary rewards in the same way that top leaders do, so they resort to courtesy, recognition, praise, and respect to induce others to behave in desired ways.


  1. Do I sponsor frequent group gatherings whose primary objective is to recognize, honor, and celebrate individual stakeholder performance?

  2. Do celebrations acknowledge both group and individual success?

  3. Do these recognition celebrations bind followers to a common cause of quality and service and recognize both group and individual performance?

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