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Articles on Unexpected Challenges While Speaking in Public

In the realm of public communications not all of our exercises go off according to game plan. When challenges present themselves, be they difficult reactions from an audience or equipment failure, how does one best adapt to the circumstances? The following articles delve into these challenges. Click on an article title which will cause it to display in the box beneath the article list.

 Defusing a Hostile Audience

 Handling the Hostile Crowd

 Handling The Heckler

 Responding to Hecklers

 How to Handle Confrontation

 Managing Anger

 Ready to Blow a Fuse?

 Do's and Don'ts When the Microphone Won't

 The Out-of-Control Audience

 Snafu Survival

 Dealing With Glitches, Blunders, and Mishaps

 Ad Lib Your Way Out Of Tight Spots

 When You've Embarrassed Yourself...

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