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Westside Toastmaster Club Officers

All Toastmaster clubs including Westside Toastmasters have a staff of club officers providing structure, guidance and continuity to the group and it's members.

These are elected twice a year and serve for six months. Elections usually take place in June for the term July 1 to December 31 and, in December for the term January 1 to June 30.

Club offices (and their rank within the club) are as follows:

  • President - chairs meetings and supervises all other officers
  • Vice President Education - schedules meeting assignments and works with members to see that their educational needs are met
  • Vice President Membership - runs club membership drive and also works to keep members satisfied and happy with their Toastmasters experience
  • Vice President Public Relations - makes sure club meeting listings appear in the media, puts posters up, etc.
  • Secretary - sends correspondence on behalf of the club, keeps club records and minutes of executive committee meetings.
  • Treasurer - handles financial affairs, such as member dues and purchases of any supplies or services required for the club to execute it's mission
  • Sergeant of Arms - sets meeting room up, starts meetings, greets guests, and counts ballots.

Club offices are open to ANY member. There is no reason why a new member cannot run for President without serving in any other club office.