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Articles on the Development and Structure of Speeches and Other Communications

A key challenge to communicators and leaders is how to define the points you are trying to convey to your listeners, be they for a large audience or single individual. The objective(s) of your message differ each time whether persuading people to your point of view, managing them, informing them, or entertaining them. These varied focal points demand that you carefully consider the opening and closing of your message to maximize it's impact, along with the structure and flow throughout. To view articles covering this general topic class, click on an article title which will cause it to display in the box beneath the article list.

 Dazzling Speech Openers

 Impress Them From the Start

 How Interesting is Your Introduction?

 Openings That Capture Audiences

 Titles That Tease

 Speech Openings and Closings

 Importance of Powerful Conclusions

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 The Art of Speechwriting

 Itís No Mystery

 It All Starts With A Script

 Excite Audiences With Anticipation

 Bridge the Gap - Speech Transitions

 Easy Speech Editing

 Numerically Speaking

 Engineering a Win - Technical Talks

 Effective Speaking - Play Your Role

 What to Exclude from Presentations

 Cut Speeches Down to Size

 Making the Moment Meaningful

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