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The Better Speaker Series is a set of educational speeches on speaking-related topics. This program is usually presented during a club meeting either by the Vice President Education or by any other member. Included in the program are a script outlining the workshop, a set of overhead transparencies and a PowerPoint presentation.

Presentation of a Better Speaker Series module can help fulfill one of the requirements for the Advanced Communicator Silver award.

The chart below lists the title of the presentation, the estimated presentation time (in minutes), and the catalog order number in the Toastmasters International Supply Catalog. You can order these online at Toastmasters International Supply Catalog if you are a Toastmasters member.

Presentation Title Time Catalog Number
Beginning Your Speech 10-15 270
Concluding Your Speech 10-15 271
Take the Terror Out Of A Talk 10-15 272
Impromptu Speaking 10-15 273
Selecting Your Topic 10-15 274
Know Your Audience 10-15 275
Organizing Your Speech 10-15 276
Creating an Introduction 10-15 277
Preparation and Practice 10-15 278