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Are you too dependent ... addicted even ... to your mobile phone? Many are, according to published figures in the mainstream media. You may be masterful in the art of social media posts or texting however a related downside, among several, is becoming less comfortable communicating face-to-face with people you do not already know. That hurdle can prove self-limiting to career aspirations, where moving ahead in most fields requires communicating effectively with greater numbers of people.

Reflect upon the arc of exceptional business executives that make their mark on the world. For most, the ability to deftly communicate and make the right connections with people is a crucial differentiator.

Ask yourself, do any of the following apply in your life?

  • Work responsibilities now dictate making presentations in front of groups of people at conferences, seminars, or large business gatherings.
  • You work in a business startup environment where business development or fund raising are key activities.
  • After being in a job role for a few years it's no longer challenging and you are mentally primed to make the next move up your career ladder, whether at a new or current employer.
  • A college degree is coming in the not-distant future and you'll be jumping onto the interview circuit.
  • You would like to connect with a new boyfriend, girlfriend, or life partner.

What is a common essential element across all of the above? ... the need to communicate smoothly, coherently, and with confidence in order to be successful.

Tip: The process of refining your communication skills is not instantaneous, it requires practice in the same way the constructive results of physical exercise do not accrue in days or weeks. Plan and act with enough lead time to ensure you get yourself where you want to go!

A dependable solution with well-proven results for improving these communication skills around the world is a process called Toastmasters.


Toastmasters is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people improve their public speaking and leadership skills in a personal practice-based format. The organization has existed for over 90 years and has chapters in over 140 countries.


In this day and age there is overwhelming evidence that communication skills are essential to success in the workplace. A Toastmasters club provides a positive, supportive environment in which members have an opportunity to develop more effective speaking and leadership skills which help create self-confidence. Additionally most members would concur that casual day-to-day social communication comes more easily. You will:

Learn and practice the art of effective public speaking

Learn to overcome anxiety and speak confidently before an audience

Improve the structure and flow of your message; including speech openings, closings, and transitions

Evolve your physical delivery (e.g. body language; and voice volume, tone, tempo, and pitch) to enhance your message

Adapt your communications style to the composition of the audience and deal with unexpected challenges that arise

Sharpen your listening and analytical skills as you give constructive evaluations to fellow members

Practice thinking on your feet while speaking extemporaneously (impromptu, on the spur of the moment)

Refine your skills selling or persuading others of the value of your ideas, visions, services, or products

Practice leadership skills and managing meetings as a master of ceremonies

Enjoy being part of a constructive and supportive environment


Feel free to stop by and sit in on any one of our meetings - no reservations or prior arrangements required!


Wednesday nights 7:15pm to 8:45pm, except on the some weeks of major holidays as noted here.

*** Please Note These Changes For Upcoming Meetings ***
  • We will begin having "hybrid" meetings in January, 2023, both in a Santa Monica city building and virtually, on-line simultaneously. Meanwhile Westside Toastmasters is having virtual meetings using an online service called Zoom. To join us in a Zoom virtual meeting as a guest please send an email to obtain a specific internet / app link to "info@westsidetoastmasters.com" (no quotes).


Our Regular Meeting Location (beginning January, 2023)

Beginning January 2023 we will resume having meetings in a physical, in-person meeting space, concurrently with virtual meetings via the Zoom app. Further details to come soon.

Westside Toastmasters Meeting Room


Free parking is available around three sides of the park. The largest block of parking, around 25 spaces, is found on the lower side of the park to the east / northeast.


To visit as a guest for as long as you wish, absolutely free. To join as an ongoing member the club dues are $8.50 per month at present, collected in a semi-annual frequency. There is also a $20 one-time setup fee for brand new members that have never been in the Toastmaster system before. The "per-month" dues will likely increase sometime in 2023 after hybrid meetings have begun, for those attending in-person.


No problem at all if you are a complete "newbie". Though the composition of club changes, there is always a mix of new members and more experienced speakers that one can watch and absorb more refined technique from. We believe Toastmasters provides a 'safe' place where you can take risks as a public speaker -- better to use those opportunities here so you are on your mark when in the real world. You decide when you are comfortable to assume greater speaking responsibilities.


A meeting has three primary speaking sections. There is an impromptu / extemporaneous speaking section (called Table Topics) that gives members practice in thinking quickly and coherently on their feet as we must all do at times in real life. A second part of the meeting concerns prepared speeches or leadership exercises with topics of the presenter's choosing. The third major portion is an evaluation phase to provide constructive feedback to the speakers with prepared speeches. Where they did well, and importantly, where they can improve.


The foundation of the Toastmasters program is called Pathways, offering eleven separate educational paths members may choose from for delivering presentations they would prepare to refine their speaking and leadership skills. Members work through the sequence of presentations at their own pace, acquiring the essential building blocks of communications technique, while building confidence.

As you build competence and confidence in your skill set you will be presented with progressive challenges to further broaden your technique, turning you into a well-rounded communicator and leader. Additional paths within the Pathways framework can be pursued to extend your skill range across disciplines.

Another opportunity to build your expertise within Toastmasters is to participate in periodic speaking contests, held annually. These advance from head-to-head competition within each Toastmasters chapter to successively higher levels outside the club. A brief overview of contests may be found here.


For additional questions, Click to Send E-mail or send an email to the address info@westsidetoastmasters.com. Additionally, you can call Gary at Contact (a landline, meaning texts cannot be received).