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The Success / Communication Program is comprised of several modules designed to offer a higher, more comprehensive level of training for developing and improving communication skills. In addition to the presentation materials, each program also provides ample opportunity for participants to practice what they have learned.

Each module is conducted as a workshop of one or more sessions with five or more participants from your club, company, or community. Every module includes a script and instructions for presenting the program. Most modules also include overhead transparencies or PowerPoint presentations and participant notebooks.

As the seminar leader, you will:
  • Develop strong presentation skills
  • Improve your training abilities
  • Demonstrate teaching skills in a workship environment
  • Learn the "ins and outs" of meeting planning
  • Gain expertise with visual aids
  • Provide a much needed educational service to others

Presentation of a Success / Communication Program can help fulfill one of the requirements for Advanced Communicator Gold or Advanced Toastmaster Gold recognition.

The chart below lists the titles of the Success / Communication Programs. For details about the programs click on the title to see a summary.