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Westside Toastmasters is located in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California

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Chapter 2:  Break Through the Fear Barrier

Professional Projects: Work on Your Fear

Chapter 3:  Preparation: The Source of a Speaker's Power

Professional Projects: Build Confidence Through Preparation

Chapter 4:  Fault #1: An Unclear Purpose

Professional Projects: Concentrate on Purpose

Chapter 5:  Fault #2: Lack of Clear Organization and Leadership

Professional Projects: Organizing Helps

Chapter 6:  Fault #3: Too Much Information

Professional Projects: Practice Editing

Chapter 7:  Fault #4: Not Enough Support for Your Ideas, Concepts, and Information

Professional Projects: Build Interest and Involvement

Chapter 8:  Fault #5: Monotonous Voice and Sloppy Speech

Professional Projects: Develop a More Interesting Voice

Chapter 9:  Fault #6: Not Meeting the Real Needs of Your Audience

Professional Projects: Persuade Through Benefits

Chapter 10:  Starting on the Right Foot: Openings That Capture Your Audience

Professional Projects: Sharpen Your Openings

Chapter 11:  Bridging the Gap: Building Smooth Transitions

Professional Projects: Tackling Transitions

Chapter 12:  Finish with Style: The Importance of Powerful Conclusions

Professional Projects: Concentrate on Conclusions

Chapter 13:  Professional Secrets of Question-and-Answer Sessions

Professional Projects: Prepare in Advance

Chapter 14:  Visual Aids: When a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Professional Projects: Creative Visuals

Chapter 15:  Power Language: Turn Everyday Words into Persuasion

Professional Projects: Powerful Language

Chapter 16:  Positive Body Language

Professional Projects: Moving With Ease

Chapter 17:  Harness the Power of Humor

Professional Projects: Simple Ways to Add Humor

Chapter 18:  Stage Managing: Staying One Step Ahead of Murphy's Law

Professional Projects: Careful Stage Managing

Chapter 19:  How to Handle the Media Like a Pro

Professional Projects: Handle the Media like a Pro

Chapter 20:  How to be an Outstanding Audio- or Videoconference Leader

Professional Projects: Expand Your Meeting Possibilities

Chapter 21:  How to Read a Speech or Script Effectively, No Matter Who Wrote It

Professional Projects: Become an Interesting Reader

Chapter 22:  Ongoing Advancement: Use Meetings to Polish Your Public-Speaking Skills

Professional Projects: Improve Your Meetings

Chapter 23:  How to be Your Own Coach

Professional Projects: Be Your Own Coach

Chapter 24:  Delivering with Style: Individually or with a Team

Professional Projects: Focus on Style

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Table of Contents, Involve and Inspire Your Audience Resources Page
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