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Chapter 2: Caught in a Traditional Sales Model

Reality Check Is There a Quality Decision Process?

Reality Check What Is the Level of Comprehension?

Reality Check Are You Exceeding Your Customer's Level of Comprehension?

Reality Check Is There a Balance between Timing and Content?

Reality Check Are You Really That Different?

Reality Check Are You Challenging or Collaborating?

Chapter 4: Discover the Ideal Customer

Key Thought Is There Someplace Better I Could Be?

Key Thought When Working with Limited Resources in a Highly Competitive Environment, the Accuracy of Your Aim Is Crucial

Key Thought Credibility

Key Thought In the Eyes of Customers, Salespeople Are Guilty until Proven Innocent

Key Thought The Victim Is Much More Receptive and Communicative Than the Perpetrator

Key Thought Who Gets the Call in the Middle of the Night?

Chapter 5: Diagnose the Multidimensional Problem

Key Thought You Gain More Credibility from the Questions You Ask Than the Stories You Tell

Key Thought The Three Most Important Words in Communication: Nurture, Nurture, and Nurture

Key Thought No Pain - No Change, No Change - No Sale

Key Thought Pain Is the Vehicle That Drives the Decision - The Cost of the Pain Is the Accelerator!

Key Thought If You Don't Have a Cost of the Problem, You Don't Have a Problem If There Is No Problem, There Is No Value

Key Thought The Decision to Change, to Buy, and from Whom Is Made During the Diagnosis

Chapter 6: Designing the Enterprise Solution

Key Thought There Are No Free Moves

Key Thought No Mind-Reading: Clarify All "Fat" and "Loaded" Words

Key Thought Budgets Are Not Cast in Stone

Key Thought What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Key Thought What's Wrong with This Picture?

Chapter 7: Delivering on the Commitment

Key Thought Would You Do What You Are about to Propose to Your Customer?

Key Thought No Surprises

Key Thought You Must Be Prepared to Not Be Prepared

Chapter 8: Performance Leadership

Reality Check Is Your Company Creating General Practitioners or Specialists?

Chapter 10: A Enterprise Sales Future

Key Thought

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