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Articles Related to Selling, Persuasion, and Marketing Techniques

Whether we consciously realize it or not everyone is involved in selling their ideas or persuading people to their point of view. It may be in the selling of products or services to customers directly. However more practically and frequently most of us try to convince a boss that our work results should translate into our receiving a magnificent pay hike. Perhaps you are trying to win the heart of the man or woman of your dreams ... yes, that too involves selling yourself. To view articles covering this class of topics, click on an article title which will cause it to display in the box beneath the article list.

 Effective Sales Techniques

 Warming Up To Cold Calls

 Getting Past Gatekeepers

 Rules of Selling

 Speaking Equals Selling

 Persuasive Speaking

 The Art of Persuasion

 The Rules of Persuasion

 Getting the Council to Vote Yes!

 Getting the Upper Hand - Debate

 Create A Memorable Marketing Message

 Customer-Focused Sales

 Create Convincing Copy

 Sweating Ad Copy Like 'Mad Men'

 How to Ask for Money

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