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Customer-Focused Sales

We outline how salespeople can differentiate themselves and their offerings by directly appealing to customer needs, steering away from the delivery of one-way presentations and toward having mutual, goal-oriented discussions that lead to optimal solutions for the customer.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  -  What Is Customer-Focused Behavior?
Chapter 2  -  Opinions - The Fuel That Drives Corporations
Chapter 3  -  Success Without Sales-Primed Communications
Chapter 4  -  Key Concepts of Customer Focused Sales
Chapter 5  -  Defining the Sales Process
Chapter 6  -  Integrating Sales and Marketing
Chapter 7  -  Features Versus Customer Usage
Chapter 8  -  Creating Sales-Primed Communications
Chapter 9  -  Marketing's Role in Demand Creation
Chapter 10  -  Business Development - The Hardest Part of a Salesperson's Job
Chapter 11  -  Developing Buyer Vision through Sales-Primed Communications
Chapter 12  -  Qualifying Buyers
Chapter 13  -  Negotiating and Managing a Sequence of Events
Chapter 14  -  Negotiation - The Final Hurdle
Chapter 15  -  Proactively Managing Sales Pipelines and Funnels
Chapter 16  -  Assessing and Developing Salespeople
Chapter 17  -  Driving Revenue via Channels
Chapter 18  -  From the Classroom to the Boardroom
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